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but Solomon calls you Compassion, and that is the most beautiful of all your names.


His unsteady eyes reflected in mine and his lips moved ever so slightly.
"Thank you…"


DIY Free Newspaper Fonts from A Little Scrapbooking. Included in this post are links to 149 free paper texture backgrounds (good ones) and other commonly used newspaper fonts. For more unique fonts that I’ve posted (monograms, unicorns, famous movie and character fonts, dingbats etc…) go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/fonts and for the popular 13 Harry Potter Magical Fonts go here.

These are the old seal fonts from the newspaper fonts’ post. Lots of possibilities.


you’ve almost convinced me im real



Renly’s beard appreciation post

you missed one

That is the Tumblr comment to end all comments…


can we all calm down and just

MAKOTO DID HELP HARU REALIZE HIS DREAM, OKAY, his decision to leave for tokyo, TELLING HARU THIS DECISION, was the catalyst for haru to realize truly that he is the one who will get left behind if he keeps putting off thinking about his future

BUT RIN ALSO HELPS HARU by giving him a change of scenery and a change of pace, as well as admitting that he was pressuring him before, but also telling haru that he admires him no matter what

it’s not a contest




tbh if that good omens radio adaptation turns out to be the best of queen on repeat for an hour over bbc radio 4 i won’t even be mad


quietly combines two minkuri prompts…. someone suggested mink giving clear jellyfish jewelry he made himself and then tigerine suggested mirrors…. i got lazy on a few parts bc i was sick while i finished this but yea _(:3

also whispers the turquoise beads on the necklace represent clear’s love for jellyfish/the ocean and the pink center jewel is for the color of his eyes huuuu

"Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I’ll just fall in love with you all over again.”
url memekurummi.



These Spiders Look Like They’re Covered In Mirrors

This isn’t a stained-glass sculpture or piece of delicate jewelry – it’s a real live spider. These spiders, called mirror or sequined spiders, are all members of several different species of the thwaitesia genus, which features spiders with reflective silvery patches on their abdomen.

The scales look like solid pieces of mirror glued to the spider’s back, but they can actually change size depending on how threatened the spider feels. The reflective scales are composed of reflective guanine, which these and other spiders use to give themselves color.

Not much information is available about these wonderful spiders, but the dazzling specimens in these photos were photographed primarily in Australia and Singapore.

Image credits: Nicky Bay



i respect all ships

no no, except that one, that’s gross and you need jesus.


I forgot this man runs around with eleventy tassels, a boob window, and a final fantasy sword strapped to his back.

(Oh and an on-the-go hairstyling set as well, I’m sure! He is a professional!)



the whole “anger is poisonous and bad for u” mindset was created by people who didn’t want to deal w the justified anger directed at them by others

anger is powerful and important, anger is fuel, and only you determine whether or not your anger is good or bad for you

Actually, Anger is bad for you. 

Take a Psych class.